The sAGE Foundation

Motto: Solutions with integrity

The Foundation's Purpose

The SAGE Foundation is a non-profit advocacy initiative. It is dedicated to criminal justice reforms and providing solutions to other pressing societal needs. It focuses on the reorientation of young Americans (particularly African Americans) on compliance and how to effectively relate with law enforcement in an effort to reduce accidental deaths and arrests when such encounters occur.

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Our Commitment

The SAGE foundation is committed to interdependence between the community and the police, to accomplish these goals in criminal justice reform. Additionally, the foundation guides and mentors interested young people on the advantages of potential careers in law enforcement and the legal profession. It also provides free California Bar Examination preparation services to deserving law school graduates.

About the President

Ralph Nwobi is an American Attorney, Law Professor and Philanthropist. He is the President and CEO of The SAGE Foundation. During his law school days, Ralph was the founding president of the Black Law Student’s Association (BLSA) at his law school. The BLSA continues to foster academic excellence, collegiality and public service within the student body and the Stockton community, in general.

Ralph is an author and has worked in law enforcement in both Nevada and Texas. He is a member of the Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity and is a former US congressional candidate. Ralph enjoys jogging, calisthenics and spending quality time with family and friends.